About us


ArchAngel Strength and Conditioning is a Veteran owned and operated Fitness Consulting Firm. We provide our clients with the steps to achieve any number of fitness related goals. Our purpose is to focus the intensity every client has within to smash their goals and achieve their dreams.Our "Old School" Bootcamp approach to training pushes our clients to achieve more than they had ever originally thought possible.

Why "Archangel?"

Archangels are the Warrior Elite. They are the trusted right hand, known by all in the battle against evil. A force to be reckoned with. At ArchAngel Strength and Conditioning, we train to be the most dangerous and unstoppable force in your transformation. What better analogy for today's "warriors?" ​We, at AASC, are specifically trained to help you battle whatever personal obstacles you face. Fitness, athletics, and self transformation is more than a difficult task. It is the battle within, the internal struggle to face your fears and succeed, that we focus on. Doesn't matter if you are already fit and are wanting to push yourself to that next level or are just beginning the journey towards a more fit you. We are here to guide you theough each battle, to inevitably win the war. AASC is here to help you set goals, motivate you to keep working towards the goals and put a plan into place to make those goals reality.


Those of us who serve in our Armed Forces go through rigorous training. There is instilled in us core values AASC embraces. We come out of the military with a baseline of leadership skills, self discipline, integrity, loyalty, servanthood and a longing for "brotherhood" that sets us apart from the masses. Veterans, as you transition out of the service you will find the powers that be are truly helpful in defining "soft skills" and write a resume (which is fantastic) but all too often we are left with nothing more than entry level general labor positions. We deserve better! AASC provides an opportunity for veterans to take what they have learned and lived in the military with discipline and physical fitness and forge yourselves a new career path. Put those learned skills to work. As a Certified Personal Trainer with ArchAngel Strength and Conditioning, you will learn to create a life that will more than provide for your family, keep you in that brotherhood we all have come to love, and give you the freedom you have been longing for.



Start today

Accept the Challenge!

It will take dedication, hard work, commitment but YOU can do it! You can add strength, build muscle, trim the fat! Whether you are a body builder looking to be bigger, an athlete looking to get faster and stronger, or a sedentary individual looking to get moving. It doesn't matter what stage you are in we hold the key to success.