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Join ArchAngel Strength and Conditioning! A Veteran owned and operated fitness consulting firm. Combining our years of military and athletic experience with modern scientific research and "Old School" approach to training, we take pride in pushing our clients to achieve more than they had ever originally thought possible.

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A Word From The Owner

Every decision I make in this business is to help develop the Warrior within. My job as your Coach is to bring out levels of intensity you have not yet personally experienced. Once you recognize and accept that you too can be a Warrior, my job then becomes to focus that intensity like that of a laser, providing you with a new tool to slice any barrier or obstacle in your life’s path.
Together we will find that inner motivation to kick some serious ass on the battle field of life. It takes a certain degree of insanity to want to subject yourself to physical pain. Only a slightly crazy person would want to eat food for fuel rather than for pleasure. Believe me when I say, that drive, that passion and determination all have a place on the battlefield!
There is a challenge presented to every person at some point in their life. Do we simply accept who we have become, or do we take a stand to continue to advance our bodies and develop our minds to achieve greatness? To accept what you’ve become is lazy. It’s the easy way out. Only true Warriors are willing to take on the challenge of self-transformation.
Ask yourself this one question. Are you happy with what you see when you stand in front of the mirror? Before you rant and rave that we should all accept ourselves for who we are, let me say this. This notion of “self-acceptance at all costs” is nothing but a cop out. Absolute bull shit! I have come to learn over the last decade or so that virtually any ideology accepted by the Mob is going to be the EASIEST way out. The easy way out is very rarely ever the right way.
Those who decide, “Enough is enough”, and voluntarily accept the challenge before them are the Warriors I want on my team. We are all plagued with self-consciousness, embarrassment, the humiliation we brought on ourselves with years of neglecting to take care of our bodies, fear of failure and not being good enough. But, only those of us willing to brave those emotional storm clouds will succeed not only in a physical transformation, but in life!
Taking the first step is always the most difficult. Once you take that initial step, everything else falls into place and you begin to wonder why you were ever scared to begin with. Changing yourself physically is hard work; changing yourself spiritually is downright frightening work. The only road to true happiness is to discover who you want to be, set a goal and work your hardest to achieve it. Only the bravest Warriors are willing to take on such a challenge. Are you one of those elite few?
Stay Disciplined,
J. Greene, CPT

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  • K. Ryskamp
    I wanted to climb mountains... James Garrett Greene helped me make it, I want to do more:) Thank you for your encouragement, guidance and support! I made it!
    K. Ryskamp
  • A. Dotson
    I struggled getting past my plateau... It took months which felt like years.. I lost motivation and drive. I met James a year ago. I've been training with him for 4 months.. Not only have my numbers surpassed my personal goals but my technique has improved drastically, allowing me to hit every peak of my muscles.
    A. Dotson